Personal Training - 6 Session Package - 50 Minutes Each

Personal Training - 6 Session Package - 50 Minutes Each


Unique training sessions that aren’t just about burning calories; it’s about burning fat, reshaping your body, building lean mass, and changing the shape of your body. You will see increases in your strength, confidence, and mental stamina as I push you beyond what you think you’re capable of. Experience extraordinary results in the fastest amount of time in a safe manner. We work hard, but we also have fun. Training needs to be something looked forward to, not dreaded. I throw new exercises at your consistently to prevent boredom, burnout, injury, and for muscle confusion. We always want to keep your body guessing and on it’s toes!

I recently achieved a weight loss goal of 100 pounds in January of 2019.  I learned how to effectively combine exercise and eating Keto to melt fat and build lean mass.  I will put you through the same workouts that have gotten me the radical success. Not eating Keto? No problem! With my extensive knowledge, education, and experience I will help you regardless of what your nutrition strategy currently is.

We take a look at your situation emotionally and physically as it stands right now and the circumstances leading up to where you're currently at.  While we're working out we uncover a version of you that you didn't know existed.  We dig deep and focus on the positive.  We work through challenges and celebrate victories and progress no matter how small. 

I will design a unique and highly tailored exercise program that includes activities that you enjoy and are realistic to keep successful momentum going.  This program will be very specific to your body type, personal interests, and exercise history.  We will accomplish your goals effectively, efficiently, and safely.  I will provide you with one on one motivation and support.  I will show you how to correctly lift weights (if you're into that) and which cardiovascular activities best suit your body type and your fitness goals.

Sessions last 50 minutes and can be done in my home gym or if training online via Skype, Zoom or webcam. You must attend a minimum of one session per week with no limit on how many sessions per week you can attend.  Call/text 218-689-4575 or email to ask about easy and affordable payment plans.

Eligible to receive Essential Keto Guidance email program free of charge and 50% off online courses.

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