Setting Yourself Up For Daily Success

At the beginning of each day you want to establish a routine of getting yourself in the mental mindset for success. Using my book Committed to Healing Journal (available for purchase on the all products page in the books section) I start my day with waking thoughts, feelings, and awareness. These can be things like “Yuck! I don’t want to be awake!” or “I’m so excited for the things I have planned for today!”

I then list out three things, people and/or experiences that I am grateful for. I take the time to really think about them and feel them. I allow the joy to wash over me and bring a warmness to my body and a smile on my face.

I set my intentions for the day. The goal is three and they vary depending on what I’ve got going on that day. They’re usually things like doing at least one thing that brings me joy before I turn out the light at bedtime or getting my workout in to the best of my ability.

I plan out at least one thing to do for the day in terms of joy, play, and self-care. Things like play a board game with the kids, read for 30 minutes or bake a new product are some of my real life examples.

I list out three affirmations each for mind, body, and spirit. Some examples for mind include: My thoughts are under control and positive. My ability to overcome challenges is limitless. I have the power to change my life by changing my thoughts. Some examples for body include: My body is a vessel for awesomeness. I love and admire my body and what it can do. I treat my body with love and respect. Some examples for spirit include: I listen to myself and trust my inner judgment. My life is what I make of it - I have all the power. Being grounded and whole makes me beautiful.

In the evening, shortly before bed I go to the Evening Awareness section of the book and reflect back on my meditation practice, positive mood and energy, hydration, nourishing food eaten in joy, connection with Angels/Guides, and being present.

I go to the page where I list out all the tools and activities that benefit me in mind, body, and spirit such as 8 hours sleep, counting blessings, creative expression, laughter, loving workout, meaningful connections, music, mindful breathing, play, painting, reading, stretching, walking, etc. I check off as many as I did for the day.

I list out one thing I celebrate myself for. I list out choices I made that weren’t for my highest good. I list out at least one joyous and loving thought before bed.

Following this routine is part of what helped me be successful in overcoming debilitating negative thoughts that were keeping me from moving forward in my fat loss and lifestyle change journey. I had to get my mind in a capacity that I loved, respected, and cared for myself before I could take consistent action in the right direction. I use these same tactics and this same book to this day when I am in a space that’s lower vibration, negative, or chaotic. Take the time to invest in your overall wellness by establishing a similar routine of your own. You are worth it and you deserve it.